Friends of Alewife Reservation

Friends of Alewife Reservation (FAR) works to protect and restore the Alewife Reservation urban wild area and surrounding areas.  We regularly:

  • Clean up and preserve the Reservation area to keep it an attractive place for wildlife and for the enjoyment of present and future generations
  • Sponsor Nature Walks to observe water quality, native plants, animals and birds
  • Provide support to classroom educators and researchers
  • Run a Summer Camp program and other arts and education events for children and youth

In addition to posting pictures of your beautiful finds here, we hope that people will post pictures and descriptions of any problems they find in Alewife Reservation, including vandalism and dead animals. Someone from Friends of Alewife Reservation will monitor this blog for such problems. You can make a difference! Thank you for your help.

To contact Friends of Alewife Reservation directly:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 617-415-1884