Where have all the fledges Gone- Someone is watching!!

To Kathy
As best I recall, I always park in the designated lot, the first one noted was at the bridge over the Little River after coming out of the Greenway path, then the second was at the pond by Rte 2, then walking down to the new sections one flew over, then the one sitting by the bridge I photographed,  then as I approached the path that dead ends  at an overlook two flew over coming from the Blair Pond direction- that’s six for sure,  I then probably encountered  some of the same ones on return trip to car.  I did not make any attempt to age the birds.


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Hi Bob….

Saw your ebird report from last week at Alewife Reservation…..interested particularly in the 7 GBHerons….  following up on the nestings at Jerry’s this year and the  fledges….  Would you mind sharing where you saw the GBH’s and if any appeared to be fledges?….  Thanks, Kathy Johnson  Far Monitor