Spring Arrives at Alewife

20180428_131757 IMG_2862Helping nature

Boston Rescue League helps mallard on Park Serve Day 4/28. Turned out female was alright.
Concerned with death of swan at Yates Pond. Thanks to DCR for picking up carcass. We do not know reason for death but sign is needed as cars rush into T stop.

Wildlife Walk April 8th

The Alewife Reservation always has so much to offer. We walked from the stormwater wetlands over to blair pond. On this month’s walk we saw many of the spring birds migrating, including flycatchers, various sparrows, gold finches, and some lesser scaup. This was the first time that I have seen lesser scaup in the reservation. We also saw some of the migrating birds of prey like cooper’s hawk. The highlights of the walk were an osprey and a juvenile bald eagle flying over the stormwater wetlands.

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