Sightings 2/13/2017

There were a number of incredible animals out today. Walking though the storm water wet lands I saw a Merlin siting in a tree eating a song sparrow, some blue jays came by and harassed the merlin for a little while then they left and the merlin began to eat. Further down at the oxbow there were a number of Canadian geese, some mallards, an american black duck, and a fairly young blue heron, about a year old. At the exit to little river in the storm water wetlands there were four blue herons (three in picture) all are adults and were siting together. On the other side of the river close to the meadow before the north trail there was a red tailed hawk eating a grey squirrel. Later on I saw a coyote walking along little pond, it was fully grown and looked very healthy. Winter usually means a decrease in wildlife sightings yet today there were many more animals than I expected to see. Defiantly one of the best walks I’ve ever had at Alewife.

IMG_0903 IMG_1317 IMG_1273 IMG_1175 IMG_0951 IMG_1194