Google Earth Alewife Map Project

We made this map to show where we saw our animals. We also added commonality because we don’t want to get your hopes up about seeing that sneaky beaver.

Alewife - 1

8th grade science class studies nature at Alewife Reservation- Field Study

Beaver and Nitrate and Nitrite- Study by 8th Graders

Water Benders Power Point- Study by 8th Graders

_MG_0784 Benders Power Point (1)


Turtle nesting going on by Yates and Little River- Alewife T area

RE: Concern for eggs near Minute Man bike path by Alewife T.
This morning we saw a snapping turtle laying eggs about 1 foot from the bike path on the Fitchburg Cutoff from Alewife.
As the spot is very close to the bike path, you may want to put up a small fencing to redirect them down into the water, otherwise many will get crushed.
Here is the location.
Jeremy Schuur