Sightings 12/28/2015

Time Animal Water Quality Location Native Plants Invasive Plant

11:05 AM

Song sparrow Murky and high Forebay Aspens

11:07 AM

Flowing faster than normal Swale Pokeweed, cattails Phragmites

11:11 AM

Evidence of Muskrat Clean yet murky After Swale Pickerelweed Phragmites

11:15 AM

American tree sparrow Murky Before exit to little river pickerelweed

11:16 AM

Low with minimal water Exit to little river
 11:28  PM Evidence of Beaver Murky in some parts and clear in others Over look Pokeweed

11:23 AM

Muskrat Lodge, American tree sparrow Flowing quick yet murky Birdge Pickerelweed
 11:47 AM 20+ Canadian Geese Low in some parts and murky with some trash Section Five of the river restore project sugar maple, skunk cabbage, Eastern oak Phragmites, knotweed, bittersweet vines, sumac

10:51 AM

Murky with trash Yates Pond Reeds, bull thistle Knotweed

11:46 AM

10+ dark eyed Juncos, 2 Mourning Doves, 20+ Robins, 40+ European Starlings, White throated sparrow, Downy woodpecker, 2 Grey squirrels, 2 Blue jays, 2 Cardinals (m), Black Capped Chickadee Murky Section four of river restore project skunk cabbage, horse tail grass, cattails bittersweet vines, stag horn sumac, phragmites, multiflora rose, grape vines

11:57 AM

4 Mourning Doves, 2 Robins Murky Section three of river restore project eastern black oak bittersweet vines, sumac

12:12 AM

Mourning Dove, White tailed deer tracks Very murky Section two of river restore project skunk cabbage, red maple Phragmites, bittersweet vines, sumac

12:26 AM

Tufted titmouse, 10 Hooded mergansers (6m,4f), 3 herring billed gulls, 2 Great blue herons, 11 Common Mergansers (9m,2f) Murky with more trash than normal Section One of the river restore project Poison Ivy, Skunk cabbage, silver maple Phragmites, bittersweet vines, sumac