September 27 2015 Sightings

Time Animal Water Quality Location Native Plants Invasive Plant

1:13 PM

15+ sunfish, 200+ minnow! the water level is higher than a few days ago and is murkey Forebay Golden rod Sumac

1:17 PM

2 cabbage whites shallow, mostly plants Swale new England Aster, Golden rod, cattails, bull thisel, american pokeweed Phragmites

1:25 PM

1 green frog Lots of algae After Swale lily pads, pickerlweed

1:37 PM

1 sunfish large amount of algae, and some of the pickerlweed is starting to die for the winter* Before exit to little river pickerlweed

1:39 PM

clear and shallow Exit to little river New England aster
 1:47 PM 9 carp and 2 mallards very murkey and some trash on the shore line Over look New England aster Sumac

1:52 PM

100+ minnows clear with lots of algae in some parts Birdge Pickerlweed


Northern Waterthrush, Red-tailed Hawk, 3 Mallards, Blue heron foot prints, 5 eastern medow hawks, Grey catbird, Belted Kingfisher slow moving and murky Section Five of the river restore project Golden rod, New England Aster Phragmites, Sumac, Bittersweet vines, japenese knotweed

12:12 PM

3 Painted turtles, 21 Canada Geese Lots of algae and some trash Yates Pond New England Aster, golden rod Sumac, Japanese knotweed,

Sep 9 2015 Storm Water Wetlands Sightings


Time Animal Water Quality Location Native Plants Invasive Plant

2:15 PM

40+ Sunfish, 3 Cabbage Whites Large amount of  suage and very murky, suage seems to float up from the bottom of the forebay  Forebay Goldenrod, Black eyed susan, Queen Ann’s lace, American pokeweed Red sumac, Purple Loosestrife 

2:20 PM

2 bumble bees, Cabbage white, 10+ honey bees, Northern Mockingbird, European Starling Too many plants to see the water Swale Bull Thistle, Goldenrod, Cattails, American Pokeweed Phragmites

2:25 PM

2  Common Green darners, 1 bumble Bee, Eastern Amberwing Looks pretty healthy yet there is a lot of algae After Swale Pickerelweed, Lily pads, Black eyed susan, Duckweed Purple Loosestrife, Phragmites 

2:29 PM

15+ Honey bees Slow flow most likely due to the very large amount of algae Before exit to little river Pickerlweed

2:32 PM

Oily substance then turns to a brownish green algae Exit to little river Black eyed susan Sumac
2:41 PM 9 Canada Geese Flew above, 6 carp, 9 sunfish, 3 mallards Water was very low in some part yet deep in others there was some algae but not much and not a whole lot of trash Over look Flour-of-an-hour, Goldenrod Staghorn sumac, Purple loosestrife

2:54 PM

Mallard, Painted Turtle, Familiar Bluet, Green frog, Eastern Meadow hawk Steady flow of water until the water comes to a very large excess of algae, can see very clearly to the bottom in a few parts so there is a low turbidity, and there is a little bit of trash Birdge Piekerend, Lily pads –  
3:14PM Red tailed hawk, White breasted nuthatch, Aquatic left sided snail, 4 carp, Deer prints, Muskrat and racoon tracks The water flow differs slightly in some places and is very murky throught Section Five of the river restore project Goldenrod, Skunk cabbage, cattails, Black eyed susans,  Japanese Knotweed, Purple Loosestrife, Phragmites, Staghorn sumac, Bittersweet vines

Hawk migration season has just started so there is going to be an
increase in the amount of hawks in the Alewife reservation, so get out their and start getting some sightings.