Woodcock peeting at Alewife 3-25-15


Both Wednesday night and Thursday night as I walked home from Alewife to Arlington, I could hear Woodock peenting from the Alewife Greenway area (Acorn Park).  On Wednesday night, I walked in on the path a ways and had at least 5 birds peenting from different locations simultaneously and enjoyed hearing (but not seeing) several display flights, some quite near.  On Thursday morning, I took a walk in there along the edges hoping to spot and photograph one, but only saw one as it flushed about 20 yards ahead of me, relatively close to the small parking lot in there.  Last year, I heard way more birds than that, but I think it is a bit early right now and that there will be more birds there soon.

Jim Guion
Arlington, MA

Frigid weather in Cambridge Alewife brings pair of mergansers to Little River

Mergansers Photo

James Hall at Forrester captures male and female hooded mergansers hanging around MWRA discharge area for nutrients. Wildlife have had a very hard time finding food. Besides the dead GBheron, Kathy found another goose today unable to escape the bitter weather, but GB Cronker is alive and well, and and preening today at Yates Pond. Come have a look.
Please grab some yellow corn after Sunday in a tin barrel by MWRA project to scatter by Yates, found by the Reservation entry bridge. Corn Can will be just inside the gates during the day.