1906 Birds of the Cambridge Region- William Brewster book from google

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And learn about the natural history of birding at Alewife Reservation and beyond. Note the “Fresh Pond swamps” and “marshes” are also Alewife Swamps spread throughout  Belmont and Arlington,  but not entitled “Alewife” at that time.  Same place however.




John Sharp birding tour May 17 2014

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May 17, 2014
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Weasel spotted


I was having a lunch time walk on the trail behind the business park. I came to the spot on the trail where it passes right by the brook, and there’s a muddy bank just below. There was a small mammal trying to stay out of my line of sight behind a tree- as I moved to get a better look it scampered off down-stream. I got a really good look at it for a few seconds; in particular the long body, red fur and the furred tail with the black tip. Made for an easy identification when I got back to my desk- long tailed weasel.

Sadly, I didn’t have enough time to go for my phone. The picture is from Wikipedia.