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Care about Wetlands - Wildlife – Woodlands
added to website October 2, 2007

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View of Belmont Uplands across from Little Pond

Prevent More Flooding - Sewage - Noise - Traffic – Pollution

·          Our lawsuit to save the Belmont Uplands from destruction is going well. The plaintiffs (your neighbors) are fighting the good fight but we need your help!

·          Do you want additional 600 cars daily on our neighborhood streets?

·          Do you want the risk of sewage overload from approximately 900 new residents from the proposed apartment complex?

·          We support affordable housing in Belmont but not at the risk of losing FOREVER valuable wetlands and our beautiful silver maple forest and its wildlife habitat.

·          Nearby communities who were winning their fight against irresponsible 40B developments had to give up because of loss of funding. Don't let the same thing happen to Belmont.

·          We need to pay our notable attorney, Thomas Bracken, as well as our hydrologist, toxicologist and other professionals.

·          Our coalition’s goals of open space preservation have the support of all three Belmont selectmen.

Please give generously to preserve the Belmont Uplands, the Winn Brook neighborhood, and the future of our town and region. For more information about the Uplands, please visit Contact Stanley Dzierzeski at 617-489-2780, email, or call Gerard Natoli at 617-484-6666 for more information about your donation.


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I am/we are available to volunteer to protect our neighborhood and the Belmont Uplands.



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new resident at the Belmont Uplands



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